By Carolina Wartelsky – Buenos Aires | August 30, 2021

Cannabis trade associations from across the American continent have joined together to create an international network, with the aim of strengthening and boosting industry development, regulatory harmonization and the creation of a regional market.

As a result of the expansion and growth of the Cannabis industry across the continent, the American Network of Cannabis Associations (RedCann) was created. The announcement was made during the activities of the 1st National Forum of the Group for the Promotion of the Cannabis Industry, held in Mexico City, on the 25th and 26th of August.

The organization brings together, through a mutual collaboration agreement, associations from Argentina (ARGENCANN), Brazil (ABICANN), Colombia (ASOCOLCANNA), Chile (ACCI), Ecuador (ECUACÁÑAMO), Mexico (GPIC), Paraguay (CANNAPY) , Peru (ASOPECANNA) and Uruguay (CECAM).

RedCann’s objective is to promote the development of the Cannabis industry, through the exchange of experiences that allow for improvements at the technical and professional level. The organization wants to promote the best agricultural practices for the production of cannabis, as well as promote the added value chain.

At the same time, the entity will establish a platform to generate business and international entrepreneurship. Knowledge will also be shared and the research itself will be carried out for the benefit of the Cannabis Industry, among other actions.

Pablo Fazio, representing the Argentine Cannabis Chamber, was unanimously elected to chair the new network, along with Mexican Erick Ponce of Grupo Promotor de la Industria de Cannabis (GPIC), as vice-president.

Both commented: “We are convinced that this is a fundamental step towards consolidating the work that all associations have been doing. We believe that together we will be able to promote and join efforts for a regulatory harmonization, which tends to create a regional cannabis market, and which enhances commercial exchange, facilitates the implementation of transnational initiatives and becomes a magnet for investments that our nations need”.

This initiative aims to share experiences, develop synergies and create a common business platform for the entire continent.

According to Thiago Ermano, president of the Brazilian Association of Cannabis Industries (ABICANN), the union between chambers of growers and industrialists in the Americas will strengthen common themes and expand international policies around Medicinal Cannabis and Industrial Hemp .

“The more united the countries are as a bloc, the better it will be for the region’s economy. RedCann was born at an opportune moment when the business theme of Cannabis gains strength in Brazil, after legalization in Mexico and regulation, about to happen in Argentina”, he celebrates. “Remembering that, recently, the government of Uruguay reaffirmed its commitment to expanding and supporting the medicinal and industrial industry. And the Colombian government issued a decree, which institutes the plant within the country’s public policies”.

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