ABICANN’s objectives and purposes converge to its performance as an associative entity under private law, responsible for managing environments that promote innovation, activities of public and social relevance, focused on the cannabis market and/or industry and within the relevant legal norms and regulations. It acts as a support organization for civil society and its communities, through the feasibility of research (P,D&I), analysis and dissemination of information on the cannabis market and its related industries (Medicinal/Industrial), in relation to the application of resources, ethical behavior of its stakeholders, the results generated and the quality of products and services circulated. ABICANN member groups work to enable the exercise, as representatives of organized civil society, of the right to influence public policies and launch legislative proposals that affect the cannabis market and its related community. The Association of Cannabis Industries also works to encourage and promote courses, workshops, events, business roundtables, congresses, seminars, lectures, debates, study groups, among other activities, which aim to contribute to personal improvement and professional of community members and liberal professionals, linked to the Brazilian cannabis market. Another goal is to reverse the lack of knowledge on the part of individuals, companies and government entities with regard to the ethical development of the cannabis market, including the generation of jobs, income and public resources. ABICANN celebrates agreements and partnerships with public and private entities, national or foreign, aiming at the objectives of the statute. Get to know in detail the objectives of the Brazilian Association of Cannabis Industries in our statute.