ABICANN is made up of corporate or individual associates. They are companies, professionals and investors interested in collaborating for the development of the medical cannabis and industrial hemp industries in the country. Gathered in Committees and Working Groups, these professionals discuss a proposal to make the sector economically viable and, automatically, collaborate for access to patients who need drugs based on cannabis molecules and need adequate prices. ABICANN also brings together, nationwide, representatives of organized civil society, business executives, liberal professionals of all categories, willing to contribute to the process of ethical dissemination of ideas about the cannabis market. We also act in affirmative actions to break down prejudices and bring social and scientific clarity about the industrialization of cannabis plants, serving as an economic basis for professional performance and benefits to society in general. Our association brings together businessmen and financial investors, in the sectors of industry, commerce and services, to act in defense of the right to plant Hemps Industrial in Brazil. This is because with the processing of fibers from this plant and the manufacture of sustainable products and their marketing, they can generate real savings of R$ xx billion for more than 200 types of industries in Brazil. And what is produced here, can be sold in more than 40 countries around the world. It is Brazil preparing itself with the production of solutions and services to feed two of the most promising markets in the global agribusiness in the coming decades.