Brazil represents 33% of the South American market in the intention of consuming medicinal products based on Cannabis Medicinal. If this plant is cultivated in the country, we will be able to inject billions into the national economy. The potential for generating jobs exceeds more than 300,000 jobs in 10 years. And with the potential to avoid pain and benefit the lives of millions of potential patients over the same period. The production of Industrial Hemp is an asset that most of the more than 50 countries that have already reviewed their relationship with this other plant, of the cannabis genus. An injection of billions into the economy in a few years, favoring more than 200 markets in Brazil and around the world. Benefit from agribusiness, passing through industries and reaching the service sector. An economic potential of billions in 10 years. By 2030, more than 100 countries will have made peace with the fully sustainable Cannabis plant. Until then, we will work so that the Brazilian industry becomes a world reference in the production, extraction of inputs, marketing and, even export, of Cannabis for medicinal use and Hemp for industrial use. We are governed by a legitimate Bylaws and that always strictly comply with the rules in force in Brazilian law. Internally, ABICANN takes care of quality in professional relationships, regulating approaches and communications through an Internal Regulation. And, to ensure greater efficiency, transparency and legality in every step of ABICANN, in public relations with stakeholders around our industrial association, we follow strict compliance rules for operating in Brazilian cannabusiness, already adapted to the most current standards of relationship with anyone, anywhere in the world. Ethics as a principle; Development as an arrival. Welcome to ABICANN!