What is ABICANN?


The Brazilian Association of Cannabis Industries (ABICANN) is a private, non-profit business association with administrative and financial autonomy, non-partisan, governed by statute and current legislation. ABICANN associates unite in public [+]

What is ABICANN?2021-09-15T11:31:52-03:00

Who makes up ABICANN?


ABICANN is made up of corporate or individual associates. They are companies, professionals and investors interested in collaborating for the development of the medical cannabis and industrial hemp industries in [+]

Who makes up ABICANN?2021-09-15T11:32:21-03:00

What does the Industrial Association propose?


ABICANN's objectives and purposes converge to its performance as an associative entity under private law, responsible for managing environments that promote innovation, activities of public and social relevance, focused on [+]

What does the Industrial Association propose?2021-09-15T11:32:34-03:00

How can companies collaborate?


Companies can apply for accreditation to associate their professionals directly through the Join us section. Before, learn about the missions, visions and values ​​of the industrial/business association, of defense and [+]

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When and where do ABICANN Committees meet?


There are four main committees that deal with issues in macro-scenarios in: Politics, Justice, Economy and Society. The meetings (face-to-face and virtual) give rise to the Working Groups that collaborate [+]

When and where do ABICANN Committees meet?2021-09-15T11:33:15-03:00
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